Neck Pain


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Neck pain limits your range of motion. You may feel pain when you attempt to turn your head side to side making daily activities, such as driving, a challenge. The doctors at ChiroFit, located in Barrington, Illinois, have vast experience in neck pain treatment with physical therapy techniques and chiropractic care. Make an appointment with ChiroFit to resolve your pain and live more comfortably. Call them or use the online booking agent.

Neck Pain Q & A

When should I see a chiropractor for neck pain?

The occasional stiff neck may resolve within a day. But if you have pain or stiffness that doesn’t get better after a few days, you can benefit from a chiropractic visit. Other signs that manual therapy and physical therapy will help include:

  • You rely on over-the-counter pain medications to make it through the day
  • You have headaches in addition to the neck pain
  • You can’t turn your head readily
  • You have numbness or tingling in your hands, shoulders, and fingers along with the neck pain
  • The neck pain began after a car accident

What are causes of neck pain?

Neck pain can arise from many different instances. Poor work ergonomics, trauma, or even sleeping awkwardly on your pillow can cause you to feel pain in your neck. The muscles, ligaments, and joints of your spine need optimal movement to allow your spine to work properly and efficiently. Pain is like a warning light on your car, it’s your body telling you that there is something not working how it should. ChiroFit will dedicate their time to finding the root cause of your neck pain.

Automobile accidents are notorious causes of neck pain in the form of whiplash. Whiplash occurs when you experience a jarring movement that over stretches and possibly tears the tendons and ligaments of the neck.

What causes movement dysfunction in your cervical spine?

Prolonged and inefficient postures can affect the way your neck feels and the way the bones move and function. If you’re often leaning over a keyboard, cell phone, or other mobile device, it can affect your posture and neck alignment. Other causes include:

  • Sleeping on your stomach, or with a flat pillow or no pillow
  • An accident
  • Natural degeneration and aging

How do chiropractors treat neck pain?

Neck pain treatment depends on the suspected cause of your pain. ChiroFit practioners will go through a thorough examination to find the underlying cause of your neck pain. Then manual adjustments that gently move the joints your neck right to left and left to right, as well as in a figure-eight pattern, are commonly used. These are not forceful, but smoothly encourage full range of motion.

These adjustments reduce the restricted motion of the cervical vertebra. The cracking sound that sometimes occurs is the result of gas being released from the joints and it’s completely harmless.

The ChiroFit staff also provides physical therapy to heal injured soft tissue in the neck that can cause neck pain. The doctors help you retrain movement patterns and improve your posture to optimize range of motion and relieve pain. Exercises also help prevent neck pain from recurring in the future.