Existing Testimonials


“A year and a half ago, I was suffering from debilitating headaches and mobility issues. A friend recommended Chirofit. After working with Dr. Morgan and the Chirofit staff, I rarely have severe headaches. I am more clear-headed and mobile. All members of the team are knowledgeable, friendly, and you can see them take each patient’s needs into careful consideration.

I also have two children, ages 4 and 2, and they have both benefited from our visits to Chirofit. In an age where technology trumps outdoor play, we don’t yet know what havoc that will wreak on the bodies of our young ones. With Chirofit, I am confident my children will get a good start towards creating good posture and mobility for long-term health.

If you’ve never seen a Chiropractor before, this is where to start. You will not simply be exposed to chiropractic adjustment, but you will learn exercises and tools to continue to improve your health.”

– Katie R

“After a year of having pain in my back and pelvis area and seeing many doctors and taking all kinds of medication, my urologist referred me to chirofit thinking it was muscle related problems. I have been seeing Dr. Morgan who pinpointed my problem with my pain with adjustments and stretching. Dr. Mitch and Dr. Brett also have excellent personalities and techniques to help you. Being a amateur racing cyclist, it has improved my balance, strength, and endurance. Most importantly the pain has gone away!”

– Ty K

“Dr. Morgan has had a huge impact on my health and well-being. All of the staff is friendly and engaging. I’ve found a permanent chiropractor to assist me with my well-being through every stage of my life!”

– Melissa R


“I was just released from care with Dr. Dave after 11 visits for shoulder pain. I had been having it for 9 months and had not gotten any better. I was extremely pleased at how quickly he assessed my condition and came up with a plan. I still can’t believe it got better this fast. If you are looking for a clinic where they don’t let you just go through the motions this is it. Thanks again to not only Dave but his entire staff. I will see you soon.”

Paul T., pharma sales, softball junkie


“I was drawn to Chirofit because of the work that they’ve done with athletes and that my trainer recommended them because of their use of the Functional Movement Screen.
We had done those in the past. I was happy I found a place I could go to in the summer to not only help my hip and knee pain but continue to build on the patterns my trainer was working on at school. Dr. Morgan and Dr. Dave took my understanding of biomechanics to a new level. I am now able to do a lot of things on my own.”

– James H – College Cross Country Runner


“Chirofit and Dr. Dave have been instrumental in keeping my headaches at bay. I have experienced great relief when working with Dr. Dave in the past. What I enjoy about Chirofit is that I hadn’t seen Dave in two years and when I popped back in because I was having problems with my neck, everyone was genuinely glad to see me. I have always felt welcome in this office and I have seen great results each time I have gone in.”

– Sandie – Homemaker


“After wasting the first 15 years simple medicating myself with Doian’s and Alleve, I started trying to actually treat the cause instead of the symptoms. After six months of other medical and therapy treatments and no improvement, and even three months of acupuncture somewhere else, I researched chiropractors and found Dr. Dave. I chose him because he had the most training and experience of anyone I came across, and I was also impressed that he didn’t seem to simply rely on one thing for results, like many practitioners seem to. Instead he employed a diverse spectrum of exercises, rehabilitation, and adjustment techniques which were all calculated to bring improvement. I was also very impressed in my initial consult and the follow up x-rays he took of my spine and neck from numerous angles and a movement evaluation he completed. Dr. Dave as really able to show me what was wrong and how it was contributing to my problem.



After only a couple weeks with Dr. Dave, I woke up one Saturday morning with something I had not experienced a single day in over two decades: NO PAIN!! It was a miracle, truly, and despite exerting myself more than I should have helping to to prepare the house for guests, that entire day and night I had not even a moment of discomfit in my back. I felt like I had died and gone to heaven. Alas, this was not permanent, but I was absolutely astounded that Dr. Dave could affect such a transformation in just a couple weeks’ time. He now has me doing a lot of things on my own to help maintain what I’ve gained!”

– Patrick – Attorney


“Thank you Dr. Dave and Chirofit. I have had neck pain for over two years and you pushed me to get better. Your persistence in knowing how to take care of me and make me conscious of how I can help myself through postural training, at home exercise and maintaining my spine has paid off. Thanks for not giving up on me and making me feel better than I have in years.”

– Stacey J., Middle School Teacher


“I came to Dr. Dave after 3 plus years of neck and shoulder pain. I had always been skeptical of chiropractors because of the bad experience my sister had. Dr. Dave and his staff changed all that. Not only did Dr. Dave do an thorough exam and take x-rays but he explained step by step what he found and how his office could help. He was a last resort and he still jokes with me that he should have been my first resort, but after 3 months of treatment I was discharged with only occasional tightness. I have been able to sleep at night without interruption and have gone 5 weeks without any further incidence. This office cares, I was really happy with how I was treated and really glad to be out of pain.”

– Johnathan T., Accountant/Triathalete


When I came to Chirofit 2 years ago upon moving to Barrington, I came seeking helpfor recurring Sciatica down my left leg that presented itself 4 years prior during my pregnancy with my son in 2006. Before seeking the help of Dr. Dave, I had seen no less than 4 different Chiropractors to alleviate the problem, only to experience temporary spells of being pain-free. So walking…or rather limping…into Dr. Dave’s office my expectations were not high that he could really help solve my pain issues.

I’ve been a steady patient now for 2 years and after just a few weeks the sciatica that plagued me was finally getting under control. With Dr. Dave’s encouragement and support I was even able to start an exercise plan that eventually included boot camp, tennis 3xs a week, and wait for it, Triathlon training. Never before had I experienced this level of healing that allowed me to train to higher physical levels. By the end of the summer that first year under Dr. Dave’s care I was running 4 miles at a clip, biking over 20 miles at a time and swimming over a mile at each Master Swim class. My triathlon was going to be achievable, thanks to Dr. Dave and what I now call my “care-team” at Chirofit.

And then I fell off of my road bike and broke my elbow…a week before my race.

I was devastated and in pain and after my surgery that left 3 pins in my elbow I completed traditional physical therapy. It was during one of my weekly sessions with Dr. Dave that I confided in him that I was scared my arm would never be fully functional or straight again. And I’m far too young to be OK with that! When my surgeon released me from traditional therapy at Christmas my arm was actually still bent at a 47 degree angle. Dr. Dave immediately introduced me to Dr. Brian who assured me that he could help me with additional physical therapy on my arm. After 6 months of grueling therapy with Dr. Brian 2xs a week the results were nothing short of amazing. My arm was only a degree from straight and fully functional again. Had I not believed in him, and persevered through the often painful but necessary sessions, I would still be walking around with a crippled arm. I owe a lot to Dr. Brian for rehabilitating my arm so it is fully functional. Heck, I can even do pushups!

This past summer I did finally achieve my original goal of competing in not one but two triathlons. My sciatica is under control and I have learned that maintenance is part of the key to long-term back health. It’s my time spent at Chirofit that allows me to lead my busy, often hectic and athletic-focused lifestyle free from pain. With Chirofit in my corner…from Dr. Dave and Dr. Brian to all of the amazing therapists who help put me back together again and keep me chugging along…who knows what my next athletic goal will be?

Thank you to the entire Chirofit family for all that you do!

– Julie Walton, Triathalete


“I am a shoulder pain and headache sufferer. When I met Dr. Dave and Dr. Brian I never thought I would be able to feel this much better this fast. Not only am I pain free and have improved tolerance to headaches but the docs have put me on a nutritional and home exercise protocol that has really improved my over all health.
I have been to two chiropractors in the past but none has brought it together like these too. I’ve gotten nutrition, rehabilitation and chiropractic all together and it has worked wonders.”

– Ed Stevens, Retail Sales


“I was an avid Advil and Aleve user for the past 2 years due to an injury at work. I thought I would never be able to not take them. After starting at Chirofit, my low back has never felt better! I have been able to get back to the gym and work out without any pain and I have had no problem at work for the past month. Dr. Dave’s approach of not only chiropractic but rehab has really helped me feel better and I’m no longer worried about re-injuring my back. If you have pain or nagging injuries I highly recommend Chirofit.”

– Doug M., Fed Ex Driver, 7 years


“When I first came to Chirofit I was contemplating surgery for severe knee pain. I also had foot pain and lower/mid back pain.

My knee pain has gradually worsen over the last 15 yrs. Within 2 weeks of coming to Chirofit the pain was virtually gone. My foot pain, which has been with me for 2 yrs, is also a minuet fraction of what it used to be after only 4 weeks. Prior to Chrirofit I had traditional treatments, cortisone shots, acid reflux medication and high doeses of anti-inflammatory medications for me knees. In six weeks I’ve only taken a multivitamin I am currently changing my diet and cleansing my body. I look forward to seeing the results. My quality of sleep has also improved greatly.”

– Joseph K., Firefighter


“I know that this may sound cheesy and over-exaggerated, but you have enhanced my quality of life tremendously by allowing me to live without constant headaches. The absence of regular headaches is something that I’ve been seeking since I was thirteen years old and you and specific chiropractic care have made that a reality for me. I must admit that I was skeptical about ever getting relief from my constant torment of daily headaches after being disappointed by so many other types of treatment, my results speak for themselves and Chiropractic is truly the cure.

The absence of headaches allows me to actually do my job to the best of my ability, it allows me to be the best husband and father that I can be and the impact of that alone is incalculable. In the past, I would come up short in these, the most important areas of my life, because I was physically ill with constant headaches; you changed that.

Plus, the work that you do for teachers is nearly unthinkable. We live in a society where we are overlooked on a regular basis. Then add the current economic crisis, and you’re willingness to help out those in a financial tight spot, this truly shows your honest character and integrity. In a take, take, take society, you understand what it means to give. I see that as a priceless quality. You are a great guy! All of us teachers should be taking advantage of your services. Thanks again for everything! P.S. My wife thanks you as well and my “honey do” list has grown now that I can function again.”

– Nick Y., High School English Teacher


“Before coming to ChrioFit, my life was one giant ball of head pain, migraines and back spasms. Honestly, I had tried everything. I had been to two different chiropractors, tried three different preventative prescriptions and had a food allergy test done. While each of those helped to keep the pain from literally destroying my life, none of them allowed me to live a life that was pain free and enjoyable. So, having tried two different chiropractors in the past, I was hesitant to try a third. However a friend of mine had been seeing Dr. Dave for his headaches and said that he was making a difference. With a great amount of reservation, I decided to give Dr. Dave a try.

While the office staff was kind and very helpful – a very nice plus, the only thing that really mattered to me was getting better – and that is exactly what happened. Dr Dave’s use of the Pettibon technique has honestly changed the way I live and enjoyed life. This unique treatment not only worked to help relieve my head pain, but eliminate it all together. Prior to coming to Dr. Dave, there had not been a day in the last three years in which I had taken less than 4 Excedrin Migraine pills A DAY – and some days I had taken as many as 8. This also was completely destroying my stomach as well.

However, I can now go stretches of a week or two without having to take ANY MEDICINE! As a teacher and a coach, my life is always on the go. I wake up at 4:30a.m. every day, arrive at school by 5:45 a.m., and usually don’t leave until after practice or our games which can range from 6-9 pm. A 14 hour day is average and the 16-18 hour day not rare at all. Needless to say, my life is very busy and hectic. However, thanks to ChiroFit, it is enjoyable to live this life again. From getting the pain out of my life, to their willingness to work around my schedule, ChiroFit and Dr. Dave, simply put, IS THE ANSWER!

– Chris B., Teacher, Coach


“Main Complaint: I.t. band problems, shin splints, and some lower back pain. I’m running again for the first time in four years! My allergies during the summer have gotten considerably better, to the point where they are almost non-existent. I also used to get ringing in my ears and headaches both of which almost never happen anymore.”

– Natalie S., Student


“When I first came to Chirofit, I had constant upper-back pain that was preventing me from living life to its full potential. I live a very active lifestyle; from my hobbies to my work, I am always on the go.

Before I began coming to Chirofit, I was almost always in pain. After treatment, I am now able to enjoy my active lifestyle and I am hardly ever in pain. My asthma symptoms also completely disappeared as well. I had always thought that asthma was something I would have to live with for the rest of my life. Prior to treatment, I had never left the house without my inhaler, but after treatment I no longer depend on it. It has been over 8 months since I’ve used an inhaler! I could not be happier about starting treatment at Chirofit. I recommend Chiropractic care with Dr. Dace to all my friends and family. I have never felt so healthy and pain-free! Thanks Dr. Dave and the Chirofit Team!”

– Dana C., retail sales


“Tension Headaches, 10 years. When I first began seeing Dr. Dave, I really thought my headaches were incurable and just something I would have to put up with my whole life. Once Dr. Dave looked at my xrays and saw my neck curve, he explained the mechanics of my headaches and how my daily posture and adjustments could change my headaches. I started getting less frequent headaches after 3-4 weeks of treatment and now, after 6 months, it is rare I get them. I never knew it, but seeing Dr. Dave has truly changed my quality of life. Thank You!”

– Brianne M.


“I have had back pain for over 20 years. For the last 15 years I have been having headaches at least 3 or 4 times a week and sometimes they would become migraines. Since I have started coming to see Dr Dave I have only had 2 headaches. That’s 10 weeks with only 2 instead of the 30 or 40 that I would have had. I also used to have very bad seasonal allergies and they have almost gone away completely. Thank you Dr Dave.

– April C., banker


“My family and I have been seeing Dr. Dave for 6 weeks now. Not only has he changed my mind about chiropractic care. I’m thankful for everything he has done to improve the health of our family. Dr. Dave took time to explain what he was looking for and how he can help us. Each of us has a different protocol tailored to what we need. He has always taken time to answer questions and explain things which I really appreciate. He cares!”

– Abby K.


“I fell out of a lawn chair in July of 2007. Thought the hurt would go away – it didn’t. Dr Dave found some of the bones had been bruised and didn’t go back in place. With manipulations and electronic stimulation it has helped so much. I will keep coming back every week as necessary to keep things in place. Thank you Dr. Dave and God bless your hands!”

– Marlene F.


“I was seeking a chiropractic provider who practiced the Gonstead method for treatment of chronic sciatica, neck pain, and headaches. As a 20+ year, healthcare technology professional and patient of Drs Alex and Doug Cox, the primary owners-practitioners of Gonstead Clinic, I knew it was critical to find a provider who practiced the method using both the equipment and exercise regiments for which the Gonstead method is known. On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being the best and 10 the worst), I would rate my initial pain and discomfort as an 8 upon entering Dr. Dave’s office. Currently my pain level fluctuates between 1 and 3 over a 9 month period. I attribute the improvement as a result of:

Dr. Crosson’s treatment plan which addresses the acute problems promptly
The maintenance schedule which is designed to ensure repetitious, consistent adjustments
Clinical method of adjustments, e.g., Dr Crosson refers to my X-ray each and every time I am adjusted
Incorporation of an exercise plan which is designed specifically for me
Consequently, my range of motion has increased significantly as has my core muscle strength. Using the Wii Fit to assist with my daily exercises has resulted in a center of balance resulting in left – 51.1%/right – 48.9% with closed eyes from left – 56%/right – 44% with open eyes in only 4 weeks. In my opinion Dr. Crosson’s work epitomizes the intent of the Gonstead method and I am appreciative to have found a provider who is carrying on the work of Alex and Doug Cox.

– Tina A., Health Care Industry


“Thank you so much for helping me not only get my back aligned but the rest of my body as well as all the advice you have given me. I really appreciate the fact that not only are you adjusting my back but you educated me on the process and I feel like I understand what is going on with my body more, especially when it comes to lifting and posture.

My back feels better than ever! My subpoenaed feet is almost unnoticeable to me now, and it has made squatting so much easier and less painful on my hip flexors. And from the adjustments on my neck the pain from in my ear has nearly gone fully away, I can”t thank you enough for this! After I got hit in the jaw whatever happened in my ear was very painful and it’s like day and night now. I also wanted to take this time to thank you for the advice outside of chiropractic care that you have given me.

You have always gone above and beyond your occupational duties to help me out, and I really appreciate it. When I hurt my foot playing basketball you not only told me how to take care of it but showed me how to wrap it, which is something I would have never figured out on my own. And when I was training for the mini marathon the advice you gave on the best ways to train for it was very helpful. In the end, after visiting Chirofit, I not only feel like my back is aligned but that my entire body is aligned with my brain and that I leave there with a greater understanding of how my body works and why it is important to follow the tips that you gave me that first day. I look forward to every visit and seeing what knowledge or exercise you have in store for me next.”

P.S. Your staff is awesome; they are always friendly and willing to help!”

– Jimmy L., Store Manager, athlete


“Thank you Dr. Dave! Since beginning treatment not only has my posture improved but my pain levels have been reduced. I can now do my job and protect people without the everyday aches and pains I once had. My breathing has also improved and I am able to use a tank of air much longer.”

– Steve P., Firefighter


“Main Complaint: I entered with Knee and back pain. As well as a really bad pain in my wrist. I had these problems for more than four to five years.

Benefits I received were new stretches that I could do at home that weren’t introduced to me during physical therapy. Dr Dave has put an end to my wrist pain in 3 visits without surgery. I am able to stand on my feet all day without any pain in my knees or back. That being a huge improvement. I am sleeping better at night and I’m overall in a better mood all day. Overall Dr. Dave is a great as well as his staff. Thank you!”

– Barb D., Homemaker



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