Should Golfers Lift Weights?

Recently there has been some criticism in the world of professional golf from members of the media and some players in regards to weight lifting for golfers. As the sport develops and becomes more demanding, many golfers have begun to see the importance of strength and physical durability. So why would anyone suggest that weight lifting and golfing don’t mix? There have been assertions that more and more players are getting injured in the gym as a result of lifting too much, but there really isn’t any proof of that. Anyone can get injured in the gym from utilizing poor form, but luckily most professional golfers have access to some of the best strength coaches in the world.

Anyone who has studied a golf swing knows the demands it places on the body. Golfers need extraordinary hip rotation and thoracic spine rotation. On top of this, without core strength to protect the spine injury will be unavoidable. The stronger a person is, the safer a swing becomes – there is more muscle to control and absorb the shock of swinging.

Golf is an extremely one-sided sport. Constant swings will exert force in one direction, training the body unilaterally. To protect the spine and hips training must be done to reverse swing mechanics. Without proper guidance golfers can increase their risk of injury, but with a specified training program that focuses on mechanical deficits and acquired weaknesses injury can be avoided.

For every swing, the non-swinging side of the body has to absorb the force created by the swinging side. In most cases, your brain will only allow you to move as quickly as your off side can handle, so the force of a right handed swing can be limited by weaknesses on the left hand side of the body. This weakness can be corrected and improved with proper strength training. Not only will this create a safer swing, but it will also increase club speed and control.

The idea that weight lifting is improper or unhealthy for a golfer is entirely incorrect. Not only is it wrong to make that assumption, but as more and more golfers embrace weight training we will continue to see more athletically gifted and durable players.

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