Prerequisites For Movement

Do you have what it takes to move the way you want? I’ve been taught to call these “prerequisites to movement.” You’ll hear some the of the best minds in chiropractic, physical therapy and rehab talk about them (Dr. Andreo Spina and Dr. Mike Chivers of Functional Anatomy Systems, Gray Cook from Functional Movement Systems along with many others). If your body doesn’t have the ability to control a motion without weight does one think it’s a good idea to add weight that pattern or position? The most common example we use in our office revolves around squatting. If a patient is unable to squat adequately without any load on his or her back it may not be prudent to load the squat until the biomechanics of the joints that are needed to squat work correctly. Without much room for error to execute a squat correctly the patient has a higher risk of injury versus someone who can squat freely without weight. So you will hear us say this a lot in our office, “do you have the prerequisite to complete a movement?” A squat? A muscle up? A deadlift? A pull up? If you don’t, the goal becomes to make the joint work as it should and then teach the body, nervous system, tendons, etc. to handle the load so you can enjoy the movement with a smaller injury risk.

Please don't try this...

Most people have seen the fancy and/or crazy exercises on Instagram, Facebook etc. and want to do ‘that.’ While that is a great goal, most people do not have the capacity to do those things; their joints, body, connective tissues can’t handle it. This begins the injury process – instead of fixing the joint and tissue people rest, do some self-rehab, and then go right back to training the same dysfunctional movement and the cycle perpetuates until a severe injury occurs. When the load you are trying to place on the system exceeds the amount of load the system can handle injury occurs. This is what we at Chirofit are trying to prevent, fix, improve etc. Most people will seek professional help for their cars, their teeth, their home remodel but will stop short on their joints, muscles, movement etc. We get one body, no replacements or upgrades. If you want to drive your car for 200,000 miles you maintain it, the same should hold true for our bodies.

Want to learn more about how we rehab some of the top high school and college athletes in the area? Bring us two canned food items to donate to the local food pantry and we will take you through a complimentary assessment. This assessment will open your eyes and paint a clear picture of why your pain isn’t going away, why you’re fatigued at the end of the work day and why your movement doesn’t seem to be improving even though you stretch or ‘foam roll for hours each day.’

Call us today and experience why our office is different. We strive to get better every day so that we can get you feeling better, moving better, and enjoying what you like to do. In a nutshell most people have no idea why their joints or movements are limited, which is where we come in. Systematically we go through each area of the body and identify issues in joints, tissues, muscles, and tendons. This lays the ground work for our rehabilitative protocols to not only improve painful movements and painful tissues but also help the athlete attain his or her goals of achieving movement. This is a process, tissues have to be trained, tissues have to adapt over time and joint independence begins to improve. In the long run this will create a more durable human and in the process teach the person how to keep his or her body well for a lifetime.

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