Morning Pain

Physical Therapy When Waking Up

Do you wake up in pain most mornings?

You are not alone. If you have good sleeping habits and a decent pillow/mattress, waking up in pain can be a sign of dysfunction. Side note: if you have a bad pillow check out this blog to see what you should look for.

Morning pain can be an early sign that there is a problem.

Usually when you wake up your muscles are stiff and cold due to a decrease in blood flow while you’re sleeping. This stiffness can lead to pain in muscles and joints that starting to become dysfunctional. Most people will ignore this pain and stiffness because it’s not that painful and seems normal. This is a great time to get your problems fixed. If you are just starting to notice them it is usually only a matter of time before they get bad enough to effect you throughout the day as well.

Certain types of conditions (disc problems, surgical repairs, plantar fasciitis, etc.) can be extremely painful in the morning.These problems need hands-on treatment and time to be corrected. Typically any problem that is giving you severe morning pain needs to be discussed with a doctor and can be improved or managed with proper treatment.

There is no exercise that is perfect for every condition.

Depending on what type of pain you are experiencing in the morning, there are different exercises that can be done to alleviate your symptoms before you have to get out of bed. If any of these aggravate your pain, stop them immediately. Likewise, in almost all cases there will need to be some form of hands-on intervention. You should tell your doctor about the pain you are experiencing.

Mckenzie Lumbar Pressups – 15-30 Reps

Pigeon Stretch – Hold for 2 minutes either on the floor or with your leg up on an elevated surface


Rib Rocking – 15-30 Reps – Rock ribs up towards ceiling, then back down towards the floor


Mckenzie Cervical Retractions – 15-30 Reps, can also be performed in the car or lying on your back


Cat/Camel – 15-30 Reps (Slow)


In addition to these, there are a variety of exercises that can be performed as a way to improve your joint health on a daily basis. Check out this post explaining more about what your body needs to stay healthy. Are you experiencing pain or discomfort most days? Give us a call so that we can help.


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