Mobility and Chiropractic Rehab

For the past few months we have been teaming up with CrossFit Barrington to improve the mobility and joint mechanics of their athletes. We have found increase in range of motion and joint control as well as decreases in pain and injury rates. We have had nothing but positive feedback about the difficulty and athletic improvements made during a session. In order to improve joint health, we focus on finding the end ranges of motion and controlling them. “We should purposefully, and systematically move each and every articulation to their end-ranges of motion every day.” Dr. Andreo Spina, (FRR and FRC instructor).

For our patients our goal is to get them out of pain and able to move freely during their day. We give them home exercises and stretches to work through to decrease the pain they feel during the day and increase their comfort and durability throughout the day. Sitting at a desk can lead to dysfunction over time and decreases your bodies ability to control joints and keep them healthy. We have made it our goal as a chiropractic and physical therapy office to increase the usable range of motion of all of our patients and to increase their ability to live life in a pain free way. People oftentimes don’t notice a movement problem until there is pain present, which is typically months or even years down the road. We make it our goal to find these problems and eliminate them before pain is ever felt. Have you ever had your movement screened? You may be surprised with what you learn about yourself. Just because there is no pain does not mean there is nothing to fix.

As always, bring us 2 cans of food that we can donate to the Barrington Food Pantry and we will do your initial examination and movement screen for free. There is no reason not to have your health checked before pain is present. Contact us to set up an appointment.


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