Chiropractic For Pregnancy? Absolutely!

In our clinic we constantly get asked, “Can I bring my pregnant wife/sister/daughter in?” 99% of the time the answer is yes. Pregnant women have a lot of extra aches and pains to deal with, especially in the last few months of pregnancy. Chiropractic care has repeatedly been shown to be safe for pregnant women, and it has actually been shown to decrease the number of complications involved in childbirth. Chiropractic care for pregnant women is oftentimes focused on restoring optimal motion in the hips and pelvis. The pelvis is extremely important when it comes to giving birth, if it is misaligned or unable to move properly it can lead to a lot of extra pain during childbirth for both the mother and the infant.  (On that note, yes, infants can be adjusted and in a lot of cases may benefit after a traumatic birth.)

Another constant concern of expecting mothers is the position of their child. We specialize in a technique known as the Webster Technique. This technique has an extremely high success rate for flipping breech babies. As most expecting mothers know, breech births can be extremely traumatic on both the baby and the mom. In a breech birth, the baby is flipped so the feet and butt come out first before the head. This is an added risk that should be avoided if possible. The Webster Technique is non-invasive, very simple, and has an 82% success rate in turning babies. This option should always be pursued first if possible.

The following link has some helpful information on chiropractic care and pregnancy: 

Do you know anyone who is pregnant and is interested in a more comfortable pregnancy? Bring us 2 cans of food and your initial consultation and examination are complimentary. That way we can discuss the potential benefits for your personal case. Give us a call today.

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