ChiroFit: Barrington’s #1 Office For Chiropractic and Physical Therapy

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ChiroFit – A family friendly clinic for chiropractic and physical therapy in Barrington, Illinois. ChiroFit features multiple doctors and rehab assistants all working together towards improving your health. No other facility can offer this multi-disciplined approach to healthcare and pain relief. Because of this, you won’t experience a more personalized, one-on-one type of care anywhere else. Between hands on specialties and expert knowledge in corrective exercise and therapeutic modalities, there is no better place for you to begin the road to health.

A Tradition of Providing Effective Pain Relief

Same day appointments, Saturday appointments, and no-wait scheduling make this smoothest experience you will ever have at a doctor’s office. Our customer service is second to none and we never stop trying to improve. Every single one of our patients receives a customized treatment plan and home exercises based on their specific condition. Many of our patients get feedback from multiple doctors on each visit. Between flexible scheduling, corrective exercises, unparalleled soft tissue therapy and functional dry needling you will never find another office like ours.


Chiropractic Meets Physical Therapy

We have adopted a unique system that incorporates physical therapy, manual therapy, adjustments and corrective exercise in order to help people achieve their goals. Our patients consistently give us great reviews because we always have their best interest at heart. When it comes to sports/workplace injuries or chronic pain, look no further.


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We accept most major medical insurances:
– Blue Cross Blue Shield –
– United Healthcare –
– Cigna –
– Aetna –
– Medicare –
Affordable cash plans are also available.